Feature Walls & Wall Murals


Have you ever come back from a vacation and missed it instantly? Now imagine having a massive print of your favourite vacay picture on your living room wall. Wouldn’t that be cool? Performance Signs & Graphics understands that feeling and is here to help you relive your fun vacation each day with our wall mural services. Your house will look great with some huge vacation photos on the wall. Our mural services can also be utilized to create family portraits on walls. All you need to get started with the process is a digital photo and our phone number! We have a skilled team to help you with feature walls and wall murals in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. For businesses, we can do images that are 5 feet high or higher and 8 feet wide or larger to finish it as a frame. You can rely on us to create a statement wall in your house or office.


You can also utilize our services to create feature walls in your retail store, restaurant or office. Our team comes in with the right equipment and expertise to convert your vision into reality. With the recent improvements in digital photography and photo scanning, you can create anything on your feature wall. It would be like having a unique wallpaper only with better functionality. We offer wall murals in a variety of materials. Talk to us to get more information on our feature walls and wall murals.

Feature Walls

WE help you create huge graphics on large vacant walls.