Floor Graphics


Majority of the people these days walk looking down at their phones. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to advertise your business on surfaces where people are looking the most- the floors? Performance Signs & Graphics can help you convert the simple-looking floors of your retail store into a visually appealing graphic surface. We use superior quality wraps to promote your business on the floors and sidewalks in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Our printed vinyl floor graphics can brighten up any area, be it your home, office or retail store. When you hire us, we handle each aspect of the job, from measuring the area effectively to getting the designs approved and installing the graphics perfectly.


Our staff is trained by 3M Canada, and you can rely on us to suggest to you the right products that will stand the test of time. We train our staff to maintain all basic safety and hygiene requirements at the site. If we are required to attend site-specific safety seminars, please discuss this with our team so that we can manage our time on-site accurately. Floor graphics are not just the means to promote your business. They also hold the potential to transform the interiors into a new environment. You can also use the graphics strategically to guide traffic inside a store.

You can contact us for MSDS, product information sheets and certificates of insurance. We will be happy to help you with all the information.

Creating Billboards on Walls

We can help you utilize your building walls to create advertisements..